About Frosty Julz

Frosty Julz is a brand I created with inspiration from the many influences in my life. I created this company because of my love of arts and crafts, and my longing to share it with the world. The primary influences for Frosty Julz includes (in no particular order):


-Martha Stewart

-Gucci Mane

-Doja Cat


-And all things girly


 I am dedicated to being a designer, entrepreneur, model, writer, and Martha Stewart heiress etc. Frosty Julz has been in the making since February of 2019. In the coming future video content for crafts, beauty, workouts, cooking, and much more via YouTube, Tic Tok, and Instagram. 

Julianna Konsulian received her Bachelors of Science in Finance and Bachelors of Arts in Russian Literature from the University of South Florida, Tampa, in 2017. She spent one year working as a mortgage banker, but is now fully committed to her role as Trap Martha. All operations of Frosty Julz are handled by Konsulian.

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